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Intuitive Application Process, Streamlined Communication, Improved Remote Engagement, and Faster Hiring with

Metahire Product Tour Hiring Process

From 'Apply-Stage' to the 'Offer-Stage' in 72 Hours

With's End-To-End Pre-Employment Testing Solution

Three Minute Job Creation and Setup

One Click Job Posting Creation

Stop Worrying about the right Job Description and skillsets required for the job posting. With Metahire's comprehensive AI-driven pre-employment testing platform offering in-built automation right at every step of your hiring process, you can create job posting seamlessly by entering just the Job Title, you are hiring for. Our Bot will handle the rest.

Candidates' In-depth Assessment

Pick up the right skill assessment test(s) that works best for the Job Profile, from our in-built " Indepth Screening Library" designed by our experts

Easy Customization

Go personal with your own custom questions. Add extra activities/tasks and robotic applicant video responses for unique insight into their personalities.

Candidate's Portfolio Prioritization

Dynamic Ranking

Get the rankings of all candidates based on their history of successful career progression, the relevance of their prior experience, the likelihood that they will remain with the company, and also according to recruiters choice.

Detailed Report

Narrow down your search for qualified employees with the aid of well-organized, data-driven reports that allow for side-by-side comparisons based on their profile, Skill assessment Score, Personality & Culture Fit Score

Follow Up and Set Reminders
with the Shortlisted Candidates

Easy Follow up and Reminder

Stay connected with the Shortlisted and best suited candidates

Instant and Gamified Application System

Creating the first long-lasting intelligent and time-saving impression motivates the applicants to engage and complete the screening process

Why Choose Us?

Game Changers for

Power of Application Tracking & Skill Assessment in a Single Platform

In-Depth Screening Library designed by Industry Experts from multiple domains

Great Customer Support for all your tech related queries

Intuitive platform designed for all levels of the Recruitment Team

Easy Integration with Multiple Job Boards and Portal

Let's Grow Together

Our comprehensive suite of solutions help you expedite your hiring process more efficiently by providing an expert-made, realistic job screening to find the best person for any job posting.


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You could save an average of 20 days per Job post with's Intelligent Solution