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Hiring Right or Hiring Fast
Hiring Fast or Hiring Right? What matters the most?
Hiring is a process of bringing in new employees to fulfill specific job roles and support the growth...
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Effectiveness of Pre Employment Assessment
Effectiveness of Pre-Employment Assessment in Volume Hiring
Hiring the right fit candidate is an ongoing, high-skate challenge for every organization. You may be...
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How to Choose the Right Pre-Employment Assessment Tool?
Recruitment technology enhances the efficiency, fairness, and data-driven nature of the talent management...
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Recruitment strategies
Whom Will You Hire A (Loyal) or B (Performer)?
  Metahire has recently launched the Job Switching Index which will predict the average longevity...
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Cosmos Bank ARR Single Position HR
225% of The Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) for A Single Position at Cosmos Bank
Cosmos Bank has published a job advertisement related to Business Development Manager. They received...
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How to Tackle "​No Shows"​ in Mass Hiring?
You’ve prepared interview questions. Your recruiting committee has been assembled. The only issue?...
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Three Methods to Reduce Employee Turnover
Job hopping has increased in frequency and scope in recent years, impacting workers at all levels and...
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Quality Hiring
Quality Hiring In Quantity
Hiring mainly aims to find teammates who can lead, serve, and perform. — According to McKinsey &...
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Time to Hire: 48 Hrs
Time to hire is as important as quality hiring in the recruitment process. More than 60% of companies...
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Improving ROI Per Hire 1
How Are We Improving ROI Per Hire?
The bottom line of the balance sheet is enhanced by a simple integration of “Metahire,” which brought...
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