225% of The Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) for A Single Position at Cosmos Bank

Cosmos Bank has published a job advertisement related to Business Development Manager. They received 100s of applications in two days.

They read all the resumes and rank them mainly based on past experience & called the top 15 candidates for face-to-face interviews & they selected Anita Jain having seven years of experience having a salary expectation of INR 12 lakhs per annum.



After that, Metahire approached Cosmos Bank. They set up the Metahire screening process in three minutes with respect to the job requirement and conducted it with all 100 candidates.

In this process, Rahul Reddy, who has only five years of experience, outperformed the screening process.

Even though he was not in the top 15 of the previous list, Cosmos bank officials called him for an interview, and he got selected. He asked for 8.2 lakhs per annum.

In this manner, Cosmos bank got high-performing candidates for the job along with saving of approximately INR 3.6 lakhs i.e. 25% of the year-on-year salary. On top of it, Cosmos Bank conducted a complete screening process in 3 days and half of the expense.

Now, Metahire is used by Cosmos bank for over 40 job positions and got tremendous results.


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