Effectiveness of Pre-Employment Assessment in Volume Hiring

Hiring the right fit candidate is an ongoing, high-skate challenge for every organization. You may be using both manual and digital testing methods during your hiring journey. But when it comes to volume-hiring, it demands high-end digital operations. In the talent market, the competition is fierce. But, innovative pre-employment assessment solutions have made the hiring process easier than ever before. Volume hiring requires a high-end solution for bulk screening and selection methods. Let’s have a look at volume hiring and the challenges it comes with!

Overview of volume hiring and its challenges

Organizations are waking up to the high cost of hiring the wrong person. To avoid these costs, they are turning to pre-employment assessments.

The cost of a bad hire can be significant. For positions with an annual salary up to $50,000, it can range from 16-20%. And for executive-level positions, it can reach as high as 213%.

Besides, the cost of high turnover goes beyond the monetary expenses. It also leads to a loss of time, productivity, and team morale.

Followingly, organizations are not taking resumes as a trustworthy source of hiring anymore. In fact, a study by Monster found that half of the job applicants lie on their resumes in some way. It makes it clear that resumes can be misleading, with lies of omission and exaggeration.

What’s more? Sifting through hundreds or thousands of resumes is a challenging task. Especially for high-volume roles such as customer support, sales, or contact center hiring.

So, you see that mass hiring is not a cakewalk. As a solution, pre-employment assessment is a dependable way for mass candidate hiring.

Pre-employment assessments are not only about a candidate’s job skills. But it also takes their behavior and future performance into consideration.

A pre-employment assessment is also useful for employers. For example, it determines if a candidate is a good fit for both the job role and company culture.

What is a pre-employment assessment?

A pre-employment assessment is a powerful tool to screen potential or best-fit candidates. Pre-employment assessments can include a variety of tests and evaluation measures.

Some examples include:

  • Cognitive ability tests – measure intelligence, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills
  • Personality tests – assess traits such as extroversion, emotional stability, and agreeableness
  • Skills tests – test specific skills required for a job such as typing speed, data entry, or software skill
  • Physical ability tests – measure physical skills, endurance, and dexterity.
  • Integrity tests – assess honesty, ethics, and reliability

Gone are the days of relying on resumes and interviews to make a hiring decision. The hiring team or managers may end up hiring on personal bias and subjectivity. Also, they may not capture a candidate’s true abilities and potential.

The role of AI-driven pre-employment assessments

The AI-driven pre-hire assessment means using innovative tools that provide an in-depth, “under-the-surface” perspective on a candidate. These tools deliver candidate-specific data about their existing competencies, skills, and personality traits.

This may include:

  • AI-based CV Screening
  • Psychometric (Personality) Tests
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Skill Assessment Tools
  • Customer chatbots

AI-driven pre-employment hiring is better than manual assessment tests for several reasons.

To begin with, AI-based systems cut human biases and provide a fair candidate evaluation.

Also, AI pre-employment systems are faster and more efficient than manual assessments. They can save time and resources for the company. They can also process a large volume of applicants simultaneously. So, it becomes easier for you to shortlist the best candidates.


Why do you need AI pre-employment assessment in volume hiring?

The thing with AI pre-employment assessment is that it is super effective in getting you top talent– easy and faster.

By using a good pre-employee assessment solution, a company can enjoy many benefits.  These include:


Improved candidate selection

When mass hiring, recruiters may miss negative signs on resumes they wouldn’t overlook. In the past, resumes and cover letters were enough to test a candidate. But, hiring this way can be time-consuming and costly, and there’s a risk of choosing the wrong person.

Using automated pre-employment assessments instead can help you know the candidate better. This can give you a more accurate picture of their skills and potential.

Fair hiring process

Traditional interviews can leave you in the dark about a candidate’s abilities. This is because it often relies on guesswork and instant decisions. This can lead to costly hiring mistakes, demotivated teams, and decreased productivity.

On the other hand, advanced pre-employment assessments provide a fair evaluation. As it is solely based on the candidate’s skill scores. It eliminates the bias toward college, hometown, language, or shared interests with the interviewer. The result is ultimate candidate satisfaction, employee engagement, and improved team performance.

Competency-based interview process

Having pre-employment assessments can improve the structure of the interview process. These assessments serve as a tool for predicting both workplace behaviors and potential outcomes. Thereby making the interview process more informed and less prone to surprises.

When it comes to hiring for high-volume positions, utilizing digital assessments can be a great help. As it ensures only the most suitable candidates are selected for the interview process. Thus, it ultimately saves time and resources for the organization.

Besides, utilizing pre-employment assessments also helps organizations avoid wasting time on “resume spammers”. These individuals often send out resumes with little effort or genuine interest in the role. A screening assessment verifies the candidate’s commitment and seriousness for the vacant position.

This approach brings structure to the interview process. It helps recruiters and employers make informed hiring decisions.

Matching assessments to roles

When it comes to hiring for various positions within a company, a one-size-fits-all is not enough. Different roles need unique skill sets, and it’s important to assess these skills accurately.

Take the example of a management trainee. Effective communication, influence, accountability, and ownership are critical skills for this role.

Empathy, resilience, and research skills are great, but they may not be needed for this job. They might not affect how well someone can do in this role.

Pre-employment assessments let you customize the test for each job. This way, you only assess the skills needed for that specific role.

A data-driven approach for improved workplace

Pre-employment assessments do not rely on subjective opinions and guesses. Rather, it uses a scientifically-backed approach. The aim is to uncover the true qualities and abilities of job candidates.

It analyzes the candidate data by measuring their different traits. For example, motivation, conscientiousness, extraversion, and more. You can gain a clearer understanding of the individuals you’re considering for a role.

Not only does this help you make more informed hiring decisions.  With a data-driven approach, you and your team can reach new heights of success.

How does Metahire fit into this picture?

Metahire is a game-changing revolutionary solution in the hiring world.  With a blend of cutting-edge AI and big data, it can help you in a tiring and prolonged recruiting process.

You can put an end to endless hours of screening and adopt the most effective hiring approach. It helps you identify and hire the best fit and highest-performing candidates.

Metahire doesn’t rely on resumes alone. It uses state-of-the-art screening, assessments, and workflow automation tools to smoothen the hiring. You won’t have to guess anymore and hiring decisions will be smooth, based on facts, not guesswork.


With Metahire, you can attract top talent. It streamlines your hiring process and boosts your competitiveness and profits.

Why is Metahire the best option for pre-employment assessments in volume hiring?

Traditional hiring processes start with resume scanning. Next comes the phone screening interview followed by assessments. Then comes a physical interview and extensive days of waiting for selection.  The complete hiring can take up to 9-10 days to complete. Still, there are chances that candidates can manipulate the truthfulness. They may lie in resumes and cheat on assessment results. Thereby it reduces the accuracy of the talent analysis.

Metahire is a one-stop solution for all your hiring process requirements. Here’s how:

Automated resume screening

Metahire uses AI-powered pre-employment screening methods.  These new-age methods can help filter out unqualified candidates. It reduces the amount of time and resources spent on reviewing resumes manually.

Efficient scheduling

Metahire uses AI-powered scheduling tools. These tools automate interview scheduling, reducing the time spent coordinating with candidates.

Improved candidate matching

Metahire uses AI auto-matching indicator algorithms. This feature works by best fit matching candidates based on candidate data and assessment scores. It increases the chances of finding the right fit for the job and reduces the number of mis-hires.

Automated follow-ups

AI live chat stimulator can automate follow-ups with candidates.  It also reduces the amount of manual communication required and candidate satisfaction.

Reduced company resources

Metahire reduces its reliance on recruitment agencies and associated fees by:

  • Reducing time-to-hire
  • Improving the efficiency of the hiring process


Utilizing pre-employment assessments is an effective strategy for both organizations and job candidates. It enables companies to quickly screen quality hires and find the right fit for their culture. Not just that, it allows candidates to discover employers who align with their values. This process can significantly simplify the hiring journey by taking help from Metahire. Hope you have found this article useful. Happy meta hiring!


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