Hiring Practices of A Fast-Growing Company

India’s Fastest Growing Educational conglomerate, Suryadatta Group has expanded into a plethora of academic institutions in a variety of fields, including but not limited to: School, Management, Travel & Tourism, Hotel Management, Media & Mass Communication, Interior Designing, Fashion & Jewellery Design, Event Management, Multimedia Graphics & Animation, Cyber, and Digital Science, Creative Arts, Fine Arts, Performing Art, Media Arts, Aviation, Health & Fitness, Self Defense, Beauty & Wellness, Vocational. Currently, Suryadatta Group is home to students from all across the world and experiences growth of over 30% Year on Year.



Because fast growth requires intensive hiring, the Suryadatta group is always on the run to hire 100s of candidates, especially for the following job positions :

  1. Admission Counselor
  2. Tele callers, Tele marketers
  3. Social media marketers
  4. Administrative Staff
  5. Customer support


While working under the high pressure of filling these positions, their concern was trading-off between quality of hire and speed of hiring. They understood that this led to wrong hire which caused candidate attrition.

A survey was conducted which showed that employees’ lack of expectations about the position was the root cause of the problem. Agents in customer service frequently face irate consumers and irregular schedules while being under considerable time constraints. Not something that suits everyone.


“The efficiency of our applicant evaluation increased by at least double. Additionally, it enabled us to handle a substantial number of additional applicants.”

– Dr. Sanjay Chordiya,Founder President and Chairman



With Metahire’s Realistic Job Preview (RJP) feature, the candidates who want to work with Suryadatta Group now have the opportunity to watch a first-person videotape of life as part of the application process. Straight away, they get to witness the workplace atmosphere and have their first interaction with their employer.

They are confronted with incoming calls that demonstrate both the positive and negative aspects of the situation. We’ve noticed a marked improvement in both the enthusiasm and understanding of the individuals we’ve interviewed.



Suryadatta Group thoroughly considered several providers in this field before selecting Metahire because of its capacity to execute a realistic job overview along with scientifically validated evaluations.

The initial three months already saw a 63% drop in the number of agents quitting. Suryadatta Group saw a considerable improvement in quality in addition to effectively managing candidates’ expectations of the company. 85% of the candidates that were interviewed are now hired, as opposed to the previous 45%.

The average amount of time needed to examine one application was reduced from 75 to 20 minutes when compared to the utilisation of temp agencies and conventional evaluations. At Suryadatta, the hiring process became more under control and the recruiters became much more effective.

Now that candidates are far more likely to fit with their values and work style, team leaders are employing more qualified individuals.

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