Jalgaon People’s Co-operative Bank Upraises Candidate Experience Through Metahire


Paper-based recruiting process, inconsistent interviewing quality and manual phone screens and written notes made recruiting hard to systematize and did not reflect desired brand image as a true digital company.

A rural leader in Loans, saving accounts and other bank products, JPC Banks serve 2 lakhs customer in more than 8 rural areas. To meet rapidly changing and dynamic consumer demands, JPC recognized the need to attract talent from around the Maharashtra region.

For this, the Bank wanted to get rid of using paper-based hiring system and telephonic or face-to-face communication that was both time-consuming and less ineffective and also cause no-shows.

They are switching to AI-powered technology in the entire recruitment process. Metahire was able to help the Bank in this transition.

This process began by Metahire understanding in detail the requirements of the Bank. We then went onto provide streamlined services to aid the Bank in its hiring process, thus upraising candidate experience.


We wanted to change the paper-based model of recruitment, to something more tech inclusive. Metahire helped us achieve that goal.

-HR Manager, Jalgaon People’s Co-operative Bank



Embracing Video for A Unique Candidate Experience

JPC Bank turned to Metahire’s video interviewing technology to help reinforce it’s innovative employer brand and drive efficiencies through the recruiting process.

JPC Bank has deployed Metahire for nearly 95% of its hiring needs, throughout all job families within their organization, All job candidates take an OnDemand video interview and record their responses to job-relevant and skill-based questions.

The result is a high-touch, personal, candidate-friendly experience that also works to ascertain how tech savvy they are. Live video interviews have become faster and more efficient.


Follow-Up and Reminder via Whatsapp Communication

Applicants are not active on Mail or other communication platform. Until now, they are using telephonic communication, which is not scalable and also not possible to keep applicant engage. It also consumes extra time & efforts.


Finding Higher Quality Candidates Within Lesser Time

Before Metahire, through traditional hiring, it took at least two weeks to organize a face-to-face interview for all the candidates applying for Sales roles. Now, the average time is only 3 days.

The interview to hire ratio is similarly over. This is because they are able to identify the most qualified candidates before bringing them in for face-to-face interviews, JPC Bank is able to achieve such a high closure ratio, thus fulfilling its requirements of sales personnel.

Additionally, it has given hiring managers the advantages of a more structured, brand- and value-driven interviewing strategy.

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