Mapro Recruits Smartly with Tailor-Made Assessments from Metahire


Outdated processes rooted in paper, phone screens and manual assessments. 4-6 months to sift through 20,000 applications to hire 300 individuals.

Mapro, which was started in 1959, soon became a top notch brand with its continued innovation in the development of processed foods ranging from jellies to fruit syrups and from crushes to dessert toppings.

As the business expanded into various kinds of food products, so did it’s personnel recruitments. But, Mapro didn’t want to go back to traditional recruitment methods, like scanning 20,000 paper-based resumes, in order to recruit 300 qualified people. Mapro want to innovate recruitment process that will reflect their values

As a reputation of innovative company, Mapro always looks for talents having innovation and entrepreneurial zeal. They looks for candidate who are self-motivated to push the boundaries at every level of the company.

Mapro always look for candidates having strong skill sets, positive and risk taking attitude and willing to change the world. As they receive over
20000 candidates for several positions. It becomes very hard to keep balance between speed and quality by manual process.

Mapro envisions recruitment process as following :

  1. In-depth and very engaging screening process
  2. Parallel evaluation of min 100 candidates at a time
  3. Can’t spend more than 10 mins per candidates



In order to provide a complete, engaging, and digital candidate experience, the Mapro team collaborated with They used Metahire to launch mobile-optimized, recorded video interviews along with interview evaluation technologies, in order to conduct in-depth assessments of the job candidates.


We had to ensure we had a digital process, but one that that felt very human, not robotic, and it had to better and more efficient at selecting candidates than conducting in-person assessments.

-Head of HR, Mapro


With Metahire Assessments, artificial intelligence (AI) analyzed candidates’ resume evaluations to filter up to 80% of the candidate pool. To shortlisted candidates, Mapro recruitment team conducted in-depth screening and robotic interview using WhatsApp and Mail based follow up system.

Candidates received and provided feedback at each step of the process, even if they were not ultimately selected for a position. Not only is the process significantly improved for candidates, saving over several hours of candidate time, it provided Mapro with substantial returns as well. In just one year, the Mapro team saved over 40% of recruitment budget reduced recruiting time by 80%, and hired their most ethnically and gender diverse class to date.

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