The Jeweler Who Cut Hiring Time By 60%

From a traditional business with every single hiring task done manually to a complete hassle free AI based hiring for PNG Brothers.



Purushottam Narayan Gadgil, a jewellery and utensil store that has served as a mark of excellence and reliability for countless consumers, was seeking for innovative and efficient methods to choose the most qualified applicants for their company.



For 8 various sorts of employment, one recruiter had to evaluate between 500 and 750 applications from throughout the nation. As a result, there were busy schedules, missed deadlines, significant filing mistakes, misunderstandings, and poor monitoring


Client Needs:

  • Hire 8 top talent from 500 applicants
  • Conduct in-depth screening process
  • Evaluate career advancement in depth in lesser time
  • Behavioural leadership skills and technical/functional Skills



We have provided a hiring solution for PNG Brothers that streamlines employment procedures, evaluations, and oversight. In order to simplify the often-complicated process of recruiting in firms, we created a solution that has the potential to elevate hiring to entirely new heights.


“We’ve been able to drastically cut down on turnover, which has saved us both time and money, thanks to the resources that Metahire introduced us to.”

-Akshay Gadgil, Director, PNG Brothers



Candidates would just submit their resumes and cover letters in the earlier application procedure, which was followed by a capability test. It was in every sense of the word a selection procedure based on paper records.

Having to rely on paper processes like the one in place at PNG Brothers always places a heavy burden on human resources. In the instance of PNG Brothers, a paper-based preselection process involved sorting through hundreds of applications in a short amount of time and following up with individuals who appeared to meet the requirements.

With such a wide pool of candidates, finding a match became difficult without the correct tools. PNG Brothers sought a solution that would reduce the amount of time it took to acquire new employees while simultaneously improving both the quality of new hires and the candidate experience. This was done so that the company could more easily overcome the problems that it faced.

Applicants for this specific position were, after all, regular PNG Brothers consumers. After carefully considering several assessment tools, PNG Brothers decided to deploy Metahire. The purpose was to streamline the preselection procedure and cut down on the number of incorrect selections.

The situational judgment tests are currently the most important part of the pre-selection procedure. Candidates gain a feel for what it’s like to work at PNG Brothers by participating in this portion of the hiring process. One way to determine if a candidate is a good fit for the position and the company’s culture is to observe how they react in hypothetical circumstances.

Using this method, PNG Brothers were able to gain some insight into a candidate’s character and skill set. With all of that information, it was easy to make more informed judgments about who to hire. It goes without saying that making the transition to a digital hiring process was a success.

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