Three Methods to Reduce Employee Turnover

Job hopping has increased in frequency and scope in recent years, impacting workers at all levels and in all fields. Employee turnover can reduce productivity and may be quite expensive for a company because of the time and money required to replace departing workers. Along with this, when one employee departs, it may have a devastating effect on a company’s morale. A high rate of staff turnover can make it harder for a firm to fulfill its objectives.

While switching jobs frequently is a long-standing tendency, we also know that companies work hard to keep their best employees in order to develop and drive down costs. So, how are we reducing employee turnover?


Get Automated Job Switch Index

The Job Switching Index is a feature of Metahire that estimates a candidate’s likely tenure with your company. Through the examination of over a million resumes based on a variety of factors (including job function, career stage, previous employer’s standing in the market, geographic proximity, level of education, and cultural background), we were able to construct the artificial intelligence model known as the Job Switching Index.

You will be able to determine each candidate’s level of commitment to the new work position. Then, using the sorted candidate list as a guide, you will be able to choose the applicant who is the greatest fit for your specifications from among the candidates.



Provide a Realistic Job Preview

We’d all like to fill available positions with talented people who are enthusiastic about the work, but if we don’t prepare them for the difficulties they’ll face, they could become dissatisfied and leave the company before they’ve even settled in. For this reason, it is always necessary to provide job prospects with a realistic image of what it will be like to do the duties associated with the position. The Realistic Job Preview, which Metahire, the best virtual hiring tool developed for the hiring process, was created specifically with this in mind.

This realistic job preview provides a straightforward picture of what a job truly entails, including both the advantages and the efforts, so that applicants can get a true sense of the knowledge and abilities required for the position, as well as what a normal day might entail.

To better illustrate this point, consider the scenario that you have just completed an interview for a job that you believe to be your dream job, and the recruiting team discussed the job’s perks, selling points, and significant features throughout the interview, and you loved the role. Having discovered your dream job, you can’t wait to start. However, when you really start working, you realise it’s not what you expected. This discontent is a major contributor to employee turnover. And that’s why, to attract and retain the best talent, it is crucial to paint an accurate picture of the work environment.



High Performers are less likely to leave the job

Employee performance is directly related to employee satisfaction. If an employee is a high performer, he/she generally gets good work, respect from seniors, colleagues and also clients, and also promotion and pay-raise. They are less likely to leave the job compared to less performing unsatisfied employees.

To assist in reducing employee turnover, Metahire generates a shortlist of the most eligible candidates for each open position based on a wide range of criteria, including their past professional growth, accomplishments, and assessment scores. And that’s why Metahire is among the best online hiring tools.

Guaranteed outcomes and increased staff longevity are the results of implementing the above suggestions. Metahire will be able to contribute to the success of your company and may help you steer clear of some of the most significant factors that contribute to excessive employee turnover.

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