Time to Hire: 48 Hrs

Time to hire is as important as quality hiring in the recruitment process. More than 60% of companies track time to hire as a crucial and easy-to-track metric. Metahire works to improve the time to hire by a minimum 50% more than traditional methods.


Improve process efficiency

Automate laborious tasks, and Concentrate on what matters

Stop wasting time on repetitive, laborious tasks. Streamline everything from the “apply” button to the “hire” button by setting off automated actions based on the candidate’s status and level of engagement.

Take a look at how PNG Brothers took their recruiting to an altogether new level and reduced their hiring time by 60% utilizing Metahire’s cutting-edge AI recruiting tools.


All your candidates are ranked with one clear overview.

The screening of resumes no longer needs to be done manually. The matching engine provided by Metahire ranks candidates according to their resumes and their performance on assessments, which enables quicker and more intelligent decision-making and an overall reduction in Time to Hire.


Personal communication, at scale

Individualized auto-responses has given to each and every candidate.

Because communications are integrated into Metahire, all emails and Whatsapp messages are automatically sent to candidates to keep them informed of any updates or changes to their applications. It includes scheduling, following up, and also gathering information.

Interview scheduling

Integration of intelligent interview scheduling.

No more back and forth email chains. Allowing qualified candidates to self-schedule interviews based on your set availability and criteria is a great way to save time and eliminate the hassle of interview scheduling.


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Our comprehensive suite of solutions help you expedite your hiring process more efficiently by providing an expert-made, realistic job screening to find the best person for any job posting.


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You could save an average of 20 days per Job post with Metahire.ai's Intelligent Solution