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Jalgaon People's Co-operative Bank Upraises Candidate Experience Through Metahire
Challenge Paper-based recruiting process, inconsistent interviewing quality and manual phone screens...
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CS Earthly Joy
Earthly Joy Global Pvt Ltd Builds A Team Of Excellent Sales Leaders with Metahire
Challenge Resumes Are Poor Indicator of Sales Potential, Passion and Personality Dedicated to building...
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CS Mapro
Mapro Recruits Smartly with Tailor-Made Assessments from Metahire
Challenge Outdated processes rooted in paper, phone screens and manual assessments. 4-6 months to sift...
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CS Suryadatta Group
Hiring Practices of A Fast-Growing Company
India’s Fastest Growing Educational conglomerate, Suryadatta Group has expanded into a plethora of academic...
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CS Cosmos Bank
Breaking The Cocoon of Traditional Hiring
About The Company The earliest major cooperative bank in India is Cosmos Bank. Through inventive business...
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CS PNG Brothers
The Jeweler Who Cut Hiring Time By 60%
From a traditional business with every single hiring task done manually to a complete hassle free AI...
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