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See why Intelligent firms choose Metahire.ai as their preferred Pre- Employment Testing Solution to strategize their Recruitment Process to win the War for Talent and streamline candidate experience

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A Unified Platform for Applicant Tracking, Intelligent Screening and Candidate Assessment in the recruitment process.
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Metahire.ai : Offering more Value for the Price Invested

Our plans are clear and easy to understand, while costs are transparent and predictable.

Pricing that scales with your Organisation size

Get unlimited job applications and activity storage and invite as many team members as you want. Get unlimited job creation and posting. We charge only a fixed price as per the Organization size

Unified Recruitment Platform


Get offered a suite of tools for managing the hiring process from start to finish. The platform allows recruiters to manage job postings, track applications, screen and assess candidates and schedule interviews all in one place.

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If we see you haven’t had a chance to fully experience our product during your free trial, we extend your 14-Day trial period to enjoy all of the features our product has to offer.


Deliver a candidate experience that Attracts Top Talent

Intuitive Recruitment Workflow, Streamlined Communication, Improved Remote Engagement and Faster Hiring

With Metahire, you can win the “War of Talent” by saving on time-to-hire and fast-tracking the best performing candidates—making sure they don’t drop out of the pipeline.

With Metahire, you can automate the manual phases of your hiring process from the ‘apply-stage’ to the ‘offer-stage’ thus streamlining recruitment workflow and improving candidate experience

With Metahire’s comprehensive suite of solutions, you can not only save 30% per year in payroll by getting the best candidate (based on a career path, not just experience), but also save wasted investment in Wrong hiring


How do we compare with our Competitors ?

Metahire grows with your needs, providing a living system where everyone can see, discuss, and hire efficiently


Hear From Our Customers

Milind Kale, Chairman “India’s 2nd Largest Co-operative Bank”

We were struggling to keep up with the volume of job applications we were receiving, for one of the most critical positions – Loan officer and it was taking a long time to sort through resumes and schedule interviews. After implementing Metahire’s recruitment automation platform, the time it took us to hire was cut in half. The platform’s resume ranking and reporting and automated interview scheduling features saved our team a lot of time and allowed us to focus on the more important aspects of the hiring process.

Top Talent is Priceless

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You could have saved an average of 20 days/ Job Posting

Metahire.ai has been truly instrumental in helping  clients reduce their Time-to-Hire to just 72 hours & win the “War for Talent”. 

We encourage you to give it a try and experience the difference.