Question 3

Your company has been working to add old paper invoices to their new digital system. You have been tasked with checking the implementation to ensure that the details from the paper copy have been entered into the new system accurately.

Compare each itemin the list below to see if the version displayed on your screen matches the paper copy.

In the 'Match' column, select Yes(Switch On) if items are matching, otherwise select No/(Switch Off)

Type Paper Screen Match
Name Bhuvana Ananathram Bhuvana Ananthram No Yes
Order# ON8210384 ON821O384 No Yes
Order Total USD 222,000.00 USD 222,000.00 No Yes
Discount Code WZX105782336 WZX105782336 No Yes
Address 1255 34th, 32356 1255 34th, 32536 No Yes
Invoice# INPPD000065829 INPPD0000065829 No Yes
Account# 742830438Z 742830438Z No Yes
IBAN AL352021109000000123 AL352021110900000123 No Yes
Payment ALL 295,286.64 ALL 295.286.64 No Yes
Payment Date 11/05/2018 11/05/2018 No Yes
Ticket # 870088070 870888070 No Yes
Question 2

Your staff has submitted the two reports below, which cover the sales and bonus data for seven employees.

Which employees have different information listed between the reports?
(Select all acceptable answers)

Question 1

Your manager has given you the first task. He left you voice-message specifying tasks.

“Hey hi Jon, The main thing you need to do is submit the balance sheet to the finance department. You can do that by checking all profit-loss reports. For that, you need to register to get first manager access. You first mail to the IT team and do the procedure. Just after it, check if all the reports have been submitted by divisions. Generally, two-three are missing, you need to contact the concerned departments and ask to submit immediately. As soon as you get the reports, check with bills and then send them a confirmation message on slack. One more thing, before sending confirmation, you need to check it with a bank statement. Kindly send me the P/L statements of those departments on my mail. One more thing, please check your voicemail before sending confirmation and creating a balance sheet to make sure there are no further changes. After all this, you need to create a balance sheet and submit it to the finance department. Please send me the mail after your submission.

Thank you”

Place the task in correct order :

  • Contact IT Team
  • Fill the form and get manager access
  • Check all P/L reports
  • Contact concerned departments for missing reports
  • Check P/L reports with bills
  • Check P/L reports with bank statement
  • Check voicemail
  • Send confirmation to department
  • Check voicemail again
  • Create balance sheet
  • Send mail to finance department

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