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Our comprehensive suite of solutions helps you expedite your hiring process more efficiently by providing an expert-made, realistic job screening to find the best person for any job posting.

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Metahire: An Intelligent Recruitment Solution to Win The "War For Talent"

Metahire: An Intelligent Recruitment Solution to Win The "War For Talent"

Identify Candidates Who Can Perform, Serve, and Lead

With Metahire, you can win the "War for Talent" by saving on time-to-hire and fast-tracking the best performing candidates making sure they don’t drop out of the pipeline. It helps you:

  • Predict candidate performance using a realistic screening process

  • Identify fast growing talent compared to his/her peers

  • Set candidate expectations to reduce turnover

Reduce Time-to-hire to 72 hours through End-to-End Automation

Now automate the manual phases of your hiring process from the 'offer-stage' to the 'hire-stage' and witness your productivity rise. With Metahire you can:

  • Eliminate bias and promote DE&I

  • Facilitates excellent candidate experience and advocacy

  • Streamline Recruitment workflow, which includes:

"Increase ROI by Avg. 200%"

An inefficient recruitment process can lead to increased costs, such as advertising expenses, agency fees, and staff costs. Lost productivity due to longer time-to-hire and poor hires can also result in significant monetary losses for a company.

Additionally, it can be costly to replace underperforming employees. With Metahire's comprehensive suite of solutions, you can:

  • Save 30% per year in payroll by getting the best candidate (based on a career path, not just experience)

  • Save 6–7 senior staff hours, which cost the organization $10–50

  • Save wasted investment in wrong hiring

Hear From Our Customers

Improve ROI by 225%

Reduce Time-to-Hire

Hire Top Talent

Streamline Volume Hiring

Rapidly Scaling

Improve ROI by 225%

Our company recently implemented a new recruitment strategy with the help of Metahire. Since then, we have seen a significant increase in the ROI of our recruitment efforts. Not only are we able to attract higher quality candidates, but the time and cost associated with the recruitment process has been greatly reduced. I highly recommend Metahire to any business looking to improve their recruitment ROI.”

- Mayur Vora, Owner

"Most Innovative FMCG Company"

Reduce Time-to-Hire

We were struggling to keep up with the volume of job applications we were receiving, for one of the most critical positions – Loan officer and it was taking a long time to sort through resumes and schedule interviews.

After implementing Metahire’s recruitment automation platform, the time it took us to hire was cut in half. The platform’s resume ranking and reporting and automated interview scheduling features saved our team a lot of time and allowed us to focus on the more important aspects of the hiring process.

- Milind Kale, Chairman

"India’s 2nd Largest Co-operative Bank"

Hire Top Talent

Since we started using Metahire’s recruitment automation platform, our hiring process has been transformed. We are now able to attract and hire high-performing candidates much more efficiently.

The Real Job Preview tool is a game-changer, and as a result, we are now able to hire employees who perform significantly better than their predecessors. The platform also helped us to streamline our communication with candidates and schedule interviews with ease.

- Akhsay Gadgil, Director

"600 Employees, Spreaded Across Seven Location"

Streamline Volume Hiring

We recently switched to using a recruitment automation platform for our volume hiring needs and it has been a game changer for our recruitment process. The platform streamlines all aspects of recruiting, from posting job openings to scheduling interviews, and even automating follow-up communications with candidates.

This has saved our recruitment team a significant amount of time and effort, allowing us to focus on finding the best candidates for our open positions. The platform also provides detailed analytics, giving us valuable insights into the success of our recruitment efforts.

- Sukhvinder Multani, Director

"29 Education Institutions, Served 80,000 Students"

Rapidly Scaling

We’ve developed an impressive candidate experience through Metahire that is unique and engaging and easily allows us to filter and select the right candidates that fit the future of the Sales Team of Earthly Joy Global.”

- Sapna Rathi, Head of Sales (Recruitment)

"Two Renowned Brands Under Umbrella"

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Contact Centre Recruitment

Why It Matters?

One bad hiring costs Indian companies over Rs 20 lakh: Survey

84% of companies are negatively impacted by bad hires, and it costs over 2 Million to companies on average.

- Economic Times

Average cost of job-hopping is six months' salary.

It’s not just the employee’s pay that has to be replaced; there are also the costs of advertising, interviews, and training the new worker.

- Investopedia

A great hire will increase revenue by at least $130,000.

Superior talent can increase output by as much as eight times. Competitors who started a year or two after you could beat you with a 20% more productive workforce.

- McKinsey & Company

Most effective hiring selection practices.

Multi measure screening process is 3X more effective than traditional recruitment process like interviews and reference checks.


Gender Equality Improves Productivity and Innovation.

48% of women’s productive potential remains untapped, compared to 22% of males and up to 80% of purchasing choices are made by women globally, which improves our understanding of customer preferences.

- Connect Americas

65% of candidates exaggerate their skills on resumes.

A significant percentage of employee turnover and low performance can be linked to inaccurate information in the resume.

- India Times

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Our comprehensive suite of solutions help you expedite your hiring process more efficiently by providing an expert-made, realistic job screening to find the best person for any job posting.


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You could save an average of 20 days/job post.

Saving time can help you balance work and personal life

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